Naturally Heated and Cooled with GeoThermal Energy

The design of this unique "21st Century Eco-Friendly" underground dog house takes advantage of the Earth's own natural temperature control system. The indestructible shell is partially buried to create, not only a natural den habitat preferred by dogs, but is also then cooled in the Summer and heated in the Winter, naturally.

Seeking Investors

This web site has been developed for marketing and to show potential investors this ground floor business opportunity. The initial testing and response to the beta model has been exceptional! At this time we are seeking one million dollars to tool up to produce eighteen million dollars of product the first year. If you are looking to invest, sell or distribute this product. Please call or E-Mail.

If you are looking to per order for personal use. Then click on the LOGIN TAB, then the ORDER TAB to be placed on the list to receive your Dogeden once we go into full production. Thank You Very Much.


Naturally Heated
and Cooled
Uses No Electricity
Optional Built-In Tie out
Tangle Free Design
No Assembly
Life Time Warranty
Patent Pending
20% Recycled


When it is a Cold
-2 F/-18 C Outside.
It Will Be A Warm
48 F/ 9 C Inside.

When It Is A Hot
105 F/41 C Outside.
It Will Be A Cool
72 F/22C Inside.

All Utility Free Saving you up to $400 per year

Dogs Prefer Dens

Deters Desire To Dig

Naturally Insulated


Vet Recommended